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Day w/ Penny Pt. 2 - Getting Fat 

After badminton and swimming Penny and I were starving and I mentioned that I hadn’t had sisig yet. For dinner we went to Dencio’s in Eastwood and we had 2 sizzling plates of sisig. SO FUCKING GOOD (the crispy bits are the best)!! I had sisig before in the States but what we had was totally different - and better. We also ordered sour mangoes with bagoong (shrimp paste). Yea, we Filipinos have a weird thing for sweet, sour, and salty. To top it all off we of course had beer (I still can’t get over how cheap it is)!!

I’m pretty sure we gained back all the calories we lost. Oh well, it was delicious and overall it was a good day. Penny, don’t go to Berlin!

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  1. besselface said: mmmm… sisig. Did you have it with the fried egg?
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